Craig Gottlieb Militaria

Selected Firearms from our inventory..

Colt Dragoon, First ModelColt
K98 Rifle Ammunition, 1930s ProductionK98
Herraduras Double Barreled Shotgun, 1847Herraduras
K98 Rifle, Czech Manufacture, ZbrojovkaK98
Ammunition, K98 1939 DatedAmmunition,
Luger, Swiss Police 30 cal, 14272Luger,
Heinrich Himmler Presentation ShotgunHeinrich
Japanese Paratrooper RifleJapanese

Turn your Guns into Cash!

Many people collect guns, but others have guns around the house that they do not want. If this describes you, send us your unwanted guns and we will turn them into cash. You will receive an offer for your guns within 1 business day after we receive them. We will issue payment within 1 business day after you receive your email offer. We are a Federal Firearms Dealer, so it is 100% legal for you to send us your guns in the mail. Please contact us for details.