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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

Craig Gottlieb Militaria
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Hunting Hirschfanger, Short Sword Length #6852
This is an outstanding example of a well-preserved 1800s vintage Hunting Hirschfanger.? Blade is approximately 24 inches in length, with an..
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LW Sword #6523
Excellent Luftwaffe sword in Near Mint condition, produced by the firm of Helbig.  This is a scarce producer of the sword, and..
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SS NCO Sword, Damascus Blade #4583
A 4-band turkish damascus SS NCO Sword.  Blade is 29 inches long, and features a very robust 4-band pattern, commonly seen on..
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SS Officer Sword, Krebs #4506
This is an outstanding Krebs SS Officer Sword, of very early vintage.  Grip is nearly flawless on this example, with no chips or..
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African Kaskara Colonial Artifact Sword #6925
This fascinating piece of history most probably dates to the late 1800s, during the period that German colonization of Africa after the..
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Bavarian Officer's Sword, Damascus with Raised Gold Panels #6926
This stunning Bavarian sword manufactured by Henckles, features a mint-condition damascus blade with a very pronounced pattern.  Both..
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Luftwaffe Sword, Nickel Silver, with Personalized Scabbard #6806
For just a few hundred dollars more than you'd pay for a regular Luftwaffe sword, you get one with a personalized upper scabbard..
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SS NCO Sword #4621
Phenomenally preserved example of the NCO Degen, worn by NCOs in the SS.  Exterior scabbard paint is unrestored, and grades..
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SS NCO Sword, Etched with Motto, Portepee #4076
Very rare NCO sword complete with NCO portepee, in near flawless condition.? What makes this piece special is the presence of the..