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Craig Gottlieb Militaria
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Army General Officer Visor #4622
One of the best Army General Visors I have seen in a decade.  With the exception of one or two tiny moth tracks on the exterior, this..
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SS M43 Cap #4091
Very fresh M43 SS Panzer cap with a triangular combined insignia patch.  Exterior is made of a fine grade wool, and interior is..
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SS M43 Hat, Combat Wear #5870
A very attractive textbook M43 cap featuring silk interior size-stamped "56."  Constructed of fine quality wool, hat exhibits proper..
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SS NCO Visor #5985
I am in the process of selling a very advanced SS headgear collection, and this is a 100% authentic SS NCO visor, that is absolutely..
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Waffen SS General Visor #3887
Great deal here.  This is a rare opportunity to purchase and own a Waffen SS General's visor that, although rather "salty" (well worn,..
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Waffen SS General's Visor #5143
This is an out-of-the-woodwork piece discovered recently at an Estate Sale, that we purchased from the picker who brought it to this..
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Waffen SS M42 SD Helmet, Kelly Hicks Verified #6472
A scarce and desirable Waffen SS M42 combat helmet with 90+% of its single SS runic decal intact.? The helmet retains the majority of its..
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Waffen SS Officer Visor, Artillery Piping #5614
A rare example of a high quality Waffen SS officer's visor cap.? This is a "contract" type visor with no advertising on the gold..
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Waffen SS Officer Visor, Cavalry Piping #5947
A rare example of a high quality private purchase Waffen SS officer's visor cap made by one of the top 4 hat producers during the..
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Panzer Beret #5817
Outstanding Panzer Beret. Exterior grades mint, with the center rat-tail on the crown still remaining full length. Insignia are evenly..
On Hold$8,995.00
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Rare SA Feldjaegerkorps Kepi #5989
One of the rarest production hats of the III. Reich period, this is an enlisted ranks kepi for the short lived SA Feldjägerkorps...
On Hold$7,995.00
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SS Traditions Kepi #2757
This kepi was made to be worn by members of the SS during traditions rallies and other events, where the proscribed uniform was the..
On Hold$11,995.00
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Army General's Visor Cap, Erel, Ritter von Leeb #6138
This phenomenal Army Officer visor is in virtually flawless condition, and is the former property of Field Marshall Ritter..
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SS Afrika Korps Helmet & Goggles #6646
This is an excellent and rare piece of SS headgear. While it is impossible to determine with 100% certainty that this cap is not a..