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Amber Mein Kampf, Presentation Plaque #5986
This marvelous piece of art takes the form of a presentation Mein Kampf that is a presentation made to a Kreisleiter in Cologne.? The..
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Hermann Goring Cigars #6813
A box of Herman Göring cigars which?the Reichsmarshall was famous for both smoking and handing out to friends.? The box is labeled..
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Mussolini #4834
This was personally acquired by me from the grand-daughter of the artist who sculpted it.  I could fill a book with history on this..
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Navy Sword Candle Sticks #4856
Set of matching WWI Era swords that have been turned into candlesticks.  I say "matching" but there's a twist.  They match..
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R.D.K. Non Portable Porcelain Award for Breeding of Poultry #4047
A large and heavy bisque porcelain award for breeding fancy poultry.  The R.D.K. (Reichsverband Deutscher KleintierzĂĽchter e.V. =..
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Scarce Weimar Period Porcelain Christian Union Medallion, Meissen #4109
Meissen Böttger Porcelain medallion produced for the Christian Democratic Union, which was dissolved after the NSDAP came to power in 1933...
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Copper Hitler Bust Plaque #3986
This very high-relief?7 1/2?inch diameter plaque features a young image of Hitler facing to the left.? Below the profile image is the..
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Tear Gas Baton #6857
THESE ARE VERY RARE - WWII - Military MP Tear Gas Baton. Marked "Federal Laboratories Inc. Pittsburgh, PA U.S.A." Totally legal and all..
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Vet-Acquired Gorget Group (MINUS DAGGER - price adjusted) #5260
This is a fresh purchase, picked up by a colleague of mine and sold to me at SOS.  It includes the FINEST quality Army Standard..
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Bronze Head of Hitler, by Pagels, 1933 #6837
This bust of Adolf Hitler, which measures 10 inches in height (not including the base), is the product of an artist called HJ Pagels, and..
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Gestapo Warrant Disk #6868
The Gestapo was one of the most feared organizations in the Nazi regime.  And nothing struck terror in the..
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Honor Goblet, Friedrich Dahn #6812
This is a beautifully preserved Honor Goblet (Ehrenpokal), easily grading 99% with respect to condition.? 100% of the silver plating..
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Staatliche Kriminalpolizei Disk #9844 #6866
This is a German Third Reich era police warrant disk.? Originally purchased from Bill Shea in?2006 with a stated estimated value of over..