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Belts, Buckles
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SS NCO Belt Buckle, Nickel Silver with 100% Frosting #5166
This is a very special buckle.? Not only is it early, being made of solid nickel, but it also retains almost 100% of the factory..
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SS Officer Belt, Nickle Buckle O&C, In Box #6916
Highly desirable early Nickel Silver belt and buckle set, featuring an Oberhof & Cie stamped nickle buckle, integral nickel silver matching..
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SS Steel Buckle, Painted #3614
Nice original painted steel buckle made by Overhoff and Co.  This buckle has about 80% of the painted finish, which is quite..
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Steel SS Belt Buckle, Unissued Condition #5234
As far as Steel belt buckles go, this is about as good as you can get.  With the exception of some very minor rust bleeding through..
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Brown Leather Officer Belt #601
This is a fantastic example of the brown leather officer's belt with an open face pebbled buckle. This would work with many different types..
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Description Pending - Belt Buckle #6874
This stunning quality SS NCO Buckle is made of nickel silver.  Constructed by the firm of Oberhoff & Cie.  This is ideal..
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SS Belt in Brocade #3617
This SS belt is in phenomenal condition.  Brocade has almost no wear, and just very light age to the surface.  Green..
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SS NCO Buckle, Painted Steel, with Mint Belt #4854
This is an amazing setup, 99% mint.  Belt is unissued, as is buckle.  Leather has a very minor pebbling pattern to it. ..
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SS Officer Brocade Belt #4296
SS Officer Brocade Belt with mint condition aluminum belt buckle.  Buckle is the standard quadruple marked Oberhof & Cie,..
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SA Leather Belt, Cross Strap, and Riveted RZM Tag #4508
 An unissued SA open claw belt and buckle and an SA cross-strap, complete with leather D ring loops and with the very scarce RZM..
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SS EM NCO Steel Buckle #2652
Nice SS enlisted or NCO belt buckle in steel. This buckle was obviously worn but still retains much of its original aluminum painted..