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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

Craig Gottlieb Militaria
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SS Judicial Service Sturmf├╝hrer Black Tunic #4155
An early black SS leader's uniform for a OBERSTURMFUHRER assigned to the SS Gerichtsdienst (SS Legal/Court Service).  This was the..
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SS White Tunic Belonging to Hans Baur, Hitler's Pilot #6932
This SS White tunic belonged to Hitler's pilot, Hans Baur.  More photos to follow...
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Tunic of SS Obergruppenf├╝hrer von Ribbentrop #4845
CGL GRADE 1.  Perhaps one of the finest and most historic SS Uniforms to surface since 1945.  This tunic and pants, along with a..
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Army or Waffen SS Officer Combat Breeches, Tailored #4627
An early war period pair of custom or semi-custom officer quality breeches in a fine quality combat-type of field grey wool.  The..
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Hermann Goring Uniform and Pants #6809
CGL GRADE 2. White summer silk uniform (and pants, not pictured) belonging to Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering.  This uniform was..
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NSKK, SS Type Black Jodphers (Riding Style Pants) #6468
Pair of early issue black riding-style pants, which would have been worn by SS, NSKK, or other branches that wore black breeches. ..
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Police Uniform, Wine Red Piping #2584
Officer's quality all the way, this is an impressive police green dress tunic with the uncommon wine red piping. This was worn by members..
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SS M38 Tunic, Ex Statni Film #1935
At the close of WWII, the Czechoslovakia State Film (Statni Film) company claimed thousands upon thousands of original uniforms, hats,..
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SS Officer Uniform, Dave Delich Certified #6922
This Waffen SS Haupsturmfuhrer tunic is according to Dave Delich, an army pattern tunic constructed and used exclusively by the SS, having..
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SS Officer Uniform, LAH #2730
CGL GRADE 1.  Beautiful LAH uniform, complete with an original purchase history dating back to the Chicago area,..
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SS Totenkopf Th├╝ringen Black Tunic #6805
A rare example of an original issued black tunic for an SS Scharf├╝hrer of the SS-Totenkopfstandarte 3 "Th├╝ringen".  First, by..
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General Field Marshall Ritter Von Leeb Uniform #6645
CGL GRADE 2.  This uniform is one of the more historic ensembles we have had the pleasure of offering. It is a piped walking-out..

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