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Craig Gottlieb Militaria
Belts, Buckles
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SA Leather Belt, Cross Strap, and Riveted RZM Tag #4508
 An unissued SA open claw belt and buckle and an SA cross-strap, complete with leather D ring loops and with the very scarce RZM..
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SS EM NCO Steel Buckle #2652
Nice SS enlisted or NCO belt buckle in steel. This buckle was obviously worn but still retains much of its original aluminum painted..

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Hitler Jugend (HJ) Knife, Horster #5015
Nearly flawless example produced by the firm of E.F. Horster.  RZM code for the company (M 7/36) appears on the ricasso area of the..
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Luftwaffe Dagger 1st Pattern, Eickhorn #3841
An early Eickhorn Luftwaffe dagger with the rare small-oval trademark.  Dagger retains 90% of the original factory lacqueur over 100%..
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Luftwaffe Dagger, WKC with Bag and Tag #2737
It's been a while since I've had a bagged and tagged WKC Luftwaffe dagger.  This piece is in extraordinary condition, truly..
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RAD officer Dagger by Eickhorn #6816
Well preserved specimen of the Labor Corps staff officer dagger.  Exterior fittings to include scabbard and hilt show a deep silver..
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SA Honor Dagger #4320
Produced exclusively by the Carl Eickhorn company, this version of the 1933 pattern SA (Sturmabteilung) dagger was reserved for..
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Army Officer Dagger, Gustav Spitzer #6674
Mid-war production dagger, likely made in the 1940-1941 period.  Exterior exhibits a dark grey patina throughout.  The two..
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Imperial Hunting / Forestry Cutlass #6919
Stunning condition imperial Hunting/Forestry Cutlass in virtually brand-new condition.  Description to follow.dexamethason wikipedia..
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Luftwaffe Dagger with Damascus Blade #4395
This is a stunning piece, fresh out of the woodwork from the Dallas area.  It's one of those few cases where you see an unmarked..
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Luftwaffe Dagger, 2nd Pattern, So-Called Funeral Model #6832
This is the textbook 2nd pattern Luftwaffe dagger manufactured exclusively by Robert Klaas.  What makes it exclusive and different..
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Luftwaffe Dagger, Artificial Damascus with Raised Lettering #3392
I acquired this beautiful Luftwaffe dagger directly from the English family of the soldier who returned with it as a war souvenir after..
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Luftwaffe Dagger, Transitional First Model, Unit Marked #3690
This fantastic dagger is one of the very early examples that had a softer-shell leather scabbard upon which were mounted the..
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Navy Paymaster's Dagger #6917
This outstanding "Paymaster's dagger is featured on page 37 of Wittmann's navy book.  Where credit is due, I have to quote Tom who..
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NSKK Dagger with Chain #6821
The 1936 pattern NSKK dagger rarely survives in good condition due to the fragility of the plating on the exterior, and the fact that the..
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SA Dagger, Hugo Linder #4550
A beautiful, untouched early SA dagger by Hugo Linder.  The blade is stunning and displays 100% of its original factory..
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SS Dagger Gottlieb Hammasfahr #6509
This is a fine example of an SS Service dagger manufactured by Gottlieb Hammasfahr.  Exterior shows little age and hardly any..
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Deluxe Hunting Association Dagger, Gem Quality #4817
This is as MINT as you can find on this rare Deluxe Hunting dagger.  Manufactured exclusively by Eickhorn, this particular example..
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NSKK Full Rohm Dagger, Gem Condition #6923
A 98% mint condition NSKK Rohm Dagger.  Exterior grades full mint, with 99% lacquer present on black adodized scabbard.  This is..
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SA Dagger by W├╝sthof, Full R├Âhm Inscription #6828
This specimen was sold in 2001 by noted dealer and collector Gailen David (comes with his original letter of sale).  Exterior is..
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SA Dagger with Custom Blade Inscription, Named #6827
This rare SA specimen is about as personalized as you can get. Exterior fittings are solid nickel. Top cross-guard reads Unserm lb..
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SS Dagger, Chained #6824
Excellent specimen of the Chained SS dagger. Blade grades mint with only light runner marks, and a perfectly etched and acid-greyed..

Documents, Photos
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Large Army Infantryman Studio Portrait, Hand Tinted and Framed #4042
Large format portrait is about 11x15 inches, while the frame is about 17x21 inches.  The portrait is that of an Infantry enlisted..
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N├╝rnberg Trial Photos & Signatures #6644
A common activity among guards at the military prison at Nurnberg was to obtain the signatures of all of the major defendants. ..
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Period Hand Colored Portrait Photo, Army Infantry #4035
9x11 inch colorized portrait of an Army enlisted Infantry enlisted rank in Waffenrock and Visor cap.  The frame was originally a..
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Photograph, Generalmajor Heinrich Kirchheim #3522
Excellent original postcard photograph with two holes in the top area (not visible when displayed in the cardboard..
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Postcard, Knight's Cross recipient Generalfeldmarshall Freiherr von Weichs #3552
This  3.5x5.5 inch original postcard is an excellent addition toany militaria collection.  If you've got a Knight's..
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Ausweis to Totenkopf Camp Guard #1456
This is an Ausweis for a guard at the Gross-Rosen death camp, one SSguard named Stefan Pataschitz. A small batch of these cards..
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Hitler Signed Photo, Hasso von Manteufel, Photocopies from Herman Historica #5005
This was part of a huge hoard of documents (print outs available to the buyer) from Herman Historica. It is an official photograph..
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Large Studio Portrait of Panzer Trooper, Hand Colored #4036
Large 26x21 inch portrait of a Panzer trooper, with black wrap tunic with piped collar and piped skull tabs, NCO visor cap.  The..
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Panzer NCO Ultra Large Portrait #2561
It's hard to tell what color the piping is.  It appears yellow, but it could be faded from pink.  The portrait is the largest..
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Photo Group, Karl-Heinz Noak, Oakleaf Recipient #3560
Original photographs of Karl-Heinz Noak, who was awarded the RK of the Iron Cross in August 1940 as Leutnant of the Panzer J├Ąger Abteilung..
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Photograph, Army Generaloberst H├╝nermann #3524
Very sharp original postcard photograph, with the name of the general written on the reverse.  He is Dipl. Ing. H├╝nermann,..
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Postcard, Knight's Cross recipient Oberst Alfred Hemmann #3542
This 4x6 inch original postcard is an excellent addition toany militaria collection.  If you've got a Knight's Cross, putting one of..
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SS Combat Photo Album #3793
A very interesting SS combat photo album which has been decorated with "Bast fiber" with SS runes on the front cover.  The..
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7 Postcards featuring Ernst R├Âhm with Adolf Hitler #4888
7 assorted original period photo postcards that feature Adolf Hitler and Stabschef SA Ernst R├Âhm, along with other individuals. These all..
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Collection of 3 SS Photos #4878
If you consider the content of these original photos, the price I'm asking is quite reasonable.  Each photo shows something very..
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Himmler School Book Writing #60
Before Himmler was the architect of doom for millions of people, he was a child. And when he was 15 years old, this was his..
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Newspaper, Hindenburg Crash #3412
This is an excellent newspaper - very hard to locate.  The only damage is in the from of a "clipping" that someone made of an..

Flags, Banners
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Early Third Reich Pole Top from Uelzen #4313
1933 heavy gilded tombak or bronze poletop commemorating the coming to power of the NSDAP.  This is a hand-made piece that..
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Museum Quality Deutschland Erwache Box Copy #6068
Have you ever wished you could display your DE, but cannot because you're missing the "unobtainium box" that everybody is..
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Army Drum Drape, Infantry Regiment 116 #3767
Infantry Regiment 116 had a long and honored history--first raised in 1813, the unit fought against Napoleon's armies...
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RAD 4x4 Standarte Tassles #4398
An excellent, unused Reichsarbeitsdienst Standarte streamer.   The fabric streamer is still tied with its original factory cord, and..
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General Militaria
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Adolf Hitler Silver Frame #6931
An untouched example of the Adolf Hitler presentation frame, in which Hitler provided dedicated photographs, to those to whom he wished to..
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Amber Mein Kampf, Presentation Plaque #5986
This marvelous piece of art takes the form of a presentation Mein Kampf that is a presentation made to a Kreisleiter in Cologne. ..
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Hermann Goring Cigars #6813
A box of Herman G├Âring cigars which the Reichsmarshall was famous for both smoking and handing out to friends.  The box is..
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Mussolini #4834
This was personally acquired by me from the grand-daughter of the artist who sculpted it.  I could fill a book with history on this..
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Navy Sword Candle Sticks #4856
Set of matching WWI Era swords that have been turned into candlesticks.  I say "matching" but there's a twist.  They match..
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R.D.K. Non Portable Porcelain Award for Breeding of Poultry #4047
A large and heavy bisque porcelain award for breeding fancy poultry.  The R.D.K. (Reichsverband Deutscher Kleintierz├╝chter e.V. =..
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Scarce Weimar Period Porcelain Christian Union Medallion, Meissen #4109
Meissen B├Âttger Porcelain medallion produced for the Christian Democratic Union, which was dissolved after the NSDAP came to power in 1933...

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