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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

Craig Gottlieb Militaria
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Eickhorn Sword Tag #1975
Buy one and dress up your Third Reich Eickhorn sword. At the price, you can't go wrong. At one point in history, you could buy metal dagger..
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Dagger Hangers, Unissued #3791
If condition is your thing, and you want a pair of unissued hangers, look no further.  This is an original set of Army..
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Luftwaffe Hangers, Unissued in Box #4673
Outstanding set of unissued Luftwaffe hangers direct from Germany.  Hangers are manufactured by Assmann, and box retains the original..

Awards, Decorations
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Antipartisan Badge, Boxed #6878
This mega-rare set consists of a near flawless silver Anti-partisan badge, which retains virtually all of the original factory silver..
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German Cross in Gold with Diamonds #6867
This rare award is one of approximately 20 pieces liberated from the Austrian castle Schloss Klessheim and returned to the United..
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Imperial Pilot's Badge, Hollow Back #6928
This exquisitely made stamped version of the Imperial Prussian Pilot badge from WWI is ideal for a higher-level Nazi Luftwaffe uniform..
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Iron Cross 1st Class, WWI, Screwback #6525
Collecting variations of the WWI era Iron Cross 1st Class can yield hundreds of unique specimens, as they were manufactured by that many..
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Iron Cross, Zimmerman Cased and Boxed #6927
Fully mint condition Iron Cross by Zimmerman, still housed in the original titled carton, complete with "instructions" inside the..
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Knight's Cross 800/4, Ground Breaking #4437
This is a rare opportunity to own a Knight's Cross that was acquired from a living veteran, as well as a cross that is changing the..
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Knight's Cross, S&L #4303
I just purchased this minty S&L Knight's Cross out of the woodwork locally (this cross was originally discussed on WAF before I..
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Knight's Cross, War Merit Cross, Gold #4584
This stunning and rare award was personally liberated out of Austria, originating in Schloss Klessheim.  I purchased this piece..
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Lapel Chain, 4 Miniature Awards Imperial/Third Reich #6668
Lapel chain with 3 awards to a W├╝rttemberg soldier.  1914 Iron Cross II. Class, III. Reich War Merit Cross II. Class without..
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Lapel Chain, 5 Miniature Awards for Imperial German Soldier #6666
 A high quality lapel set of miniature awards for an Imperial German soldier who saw action during WWI.  The decorations..
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Lapel Chain, 5 Miniature Awards for WWI Soldier #6664
Lapel chain with 5 awards for a WWI veteran.  They are: War Merit Cross, Friedrich August Cross, Hindenburg Cross without Swords,..
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Luftwaffe Mini Knight's Cross with Oakleaves and Swords, 2 Badges #6663
A lapel chain award set to a highly decorated Luftwaffe member.  It features a rare miniature Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with..
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Medal Bar, Five Place, Imperial and III. Reich #6527
A 5 medal bar consisting of: 1914 Iron Cross II. Class, Hanseatic Cross for Hamburg, Hindenburg Cross with Swords, Prussian 12 Year Long..
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Miniature 4 Award Bar on Stickpin Mount #6670
Imperial Soldier's lapel award bar consisting of: 1914 Iron Cross II. Class, Hanseatic Cross for Hamburg, Hindenburg Cross with..
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Navy Honor Roll Clasp #6836
Honor Roll clasp in near flawless condition.  Box is undamaged, and features very minor wear to the exterior (wear could be 100%..
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NSDAP Badge in Silver #6463
This is a rare solid silver attendance badge for the famous 1933 Reichsparteitag Rally in Nurnberg.  Variations in brass are not..
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Panzer Assault Badge by Steinhauer & Luck #2425
While it would be nice to say with 100% certainty that this set came together, I can only tell you that this is how the set came to me,..
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Pilot's Badge with Original Carton #6461
A mid to later war example of the Luftwaffe pilot's badge that appears never to have been worn.  Both wreath and eagle are of..
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Presentation Set to RK Winner #3243
Magnificent cased Iron Cross First and Second Class.  These sets were awarded for actions during the Battle of Britain by the..
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Rare 1939, Iron Cross Spange Combination #5092
Cased Spange and Iron Cross combination, a rare artifact to find.  This particular example has been physically seen by Stephen..
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3 Place Medal Bar, Imperial and III. Reich #6528
3 Place bar consisting of: 1914 Iron Cross II. Class, scarce Silver Medal of Merit with Swords of the Princely Reuss Cross of Honor, and..
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Antipartisan Badge in Gold #6918
Fantastic Antipartisan badge in Gold, the finest I have ever seen.  Rarely encountered with ANY finish, this piece was according to..
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German Cross Grouping to Gerhard Rasch, ME262 Pilot #6636
German Cross in Gold, Cased, along with the formal award document for Gerhard Rasch, who was a Luftwaffe NCO in Kampfgeschwader 3. This..
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German Cross in Gold, Cased #6478
This is as minty a German Cross in Gold as you could hope for.  Obverse of cross is mint, reverse is highly frosted with the..
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Gold Party Badge Set, Matching, Attributed #6930
This matching set of near mint Gold Party Badges was consigned to us at Show of Shows this year, and is a fine example of early Deschler &..
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Lapel Chain, 5 Miniature Imperial Awards (1 missing) #6669
Lapel set of miniature awards for an Imperial German soldier. The awards are: 1914 Iron Cross II. Class, Prussian War Merit Cross for..
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Luftwaffe Pilot Badge with Scarce Box #6921
Later war Luftwaffe pilot's badge by the unknown maker, assumed to be by FLL (Friedrich Linden, L?denscheid). Zinc alloy construction..
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Luftwaffe Radio Operator/Aerial Gunner Cased Badge #6460
Superb quality Buntmetall Luftwaffe Radio Operator/Aerial Gunner's badge by premier maker Juncker of Berlin.   This..
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Medal Bar, Four Place #6526
Four place medal bar with an Iron Cross 2nd Class, War Merit Cross with Swords, Eastern Front Medal, and Sudetenland Campaign..
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Miniature Military Merit Cross 1914 I. Class Stickpin #6671
Stickpin mount 1914 Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1914 Military Merit Cross 1st Class.  Excellent detailing and finish. The stickpin is..
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Pilot Observer Badge with Diamonds, Imit Version #6844
A top-shelf example of a highly coveted badge, personally bestowed by Hermann Goering, at his discretion, to members of the Luftwaffe,..
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Pilot Observer Badge, Screwback #2531
Front of the badge is extremely nice, with a fully gilted wreath with 100% gold present, and beautiful matte frosting to the background,..
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Stickpin Lapel Miniature Chain, NSDAP Member, 3 Awards #6661
Fine quality lapel chain with stickpin mounts featuring 3 decorations for a 10 year NSDAP member: 1914 Iron Cross II. Class, 12 Year..
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Army Honor Roll Clasp #6920
Unissued Honor Roll Clasp brought back by a veteran as part of a small hoard of medals.  Most likely pulled from a box, this has..
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Gold Party Pin Set, Attributed #5037
Stunningly rare and well-preserved set of personally presented Hitler Party Pins.  This set was the property of German field..
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Lapel Award Chain with Stickpin Mounts, 2 place WWI #6662
Imperial German 2 place miniature award lapel chain features the WWI Hanseatic Cross for Hamburg with red glass enameling and the German..
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Lapel Chain, 4 Miniature Awards for WWI German Marine #6667
4 place miniature award lapel chain for a WWI German Marine member. The decorations consist of the 1914 Iron Cross II. Class, Ehren und..
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WWI Bavarian Officer's 5 Place Miniature Medal Lapel Chain #6665
A high quality lapel miniature award chain for an Imperial Bavarian Officer.  The decorations are: Bavarian Merit Order 4th..

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Double Etched Pioneer Bayonet by Eickhorn #6817
Double sided Eickhorn dress bayonet with a double-sided etch. Obverse features the standard "Remembrance" etch (In remembrance of my..

Belts, Buckles
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SS NCO Belt Buckle, Nickel Silver with 100% Frosting #5166
This is a very special buckle.  Not only is it early, being made of solid nickel, but it also retains almost 100% of the factory..
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SS NCO Buckle, Painted Steel, with Mint Belt #4854
This is an amazing setup, 99% mint.  Belt is unissued, as is buckle.  Leather has a very minor pebbling pattern to it. ..
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SS Officer Belt, Nickle Buckle O&C, In Box #6916
Highly desirable early Nickel Silver belt and buckle set, featuring an Oberhof & Cie stamped nickle buckle, integral nickel silver..
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SS Steel Buckle, Painted #3614
Nice original painted steel buckle made by Overhoff and Co.  This buckle has about 80% of the painted finish, which is quite..
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Steel SS Belt Buckle, Unissued Condition #5234
As far as Steel belt buckles go, this is about as good as you can get.  With the exception of some very minor rust bleeding through..
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Brown Leather Officer Belt #601
This is a fantastic example of the brown leather officer's belt with an open face pebbled buckle. This would work with many different types..
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Description Pending - Belt Buckle #6874
This stunning quality SS NCO Buckle is made of nickel silver.  Constructed by the firm of Oberhoff & Cie.  This is ideal..
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SS Belt in Brocade #3617
This SS belt is in phenomenal condition.  Brocade has almost no wear, and just very light age to the surface.  Green..
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