Craig Gottlieb Militaria

Craig Gottlieb Militaria
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K98 Rifle Ammunition, 1930s Production #3625
Each of these boxes is very lightly marked with manufacturing information on the front flap (it's light, and I can't get it to..
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Steyr-Mannlicher C95 Rifle Ammunition, 8mm #3623
I have two boxes of this 8mm rounds for the Steyr-Mannlicher M1895 rifle, dated 1938.? Each box contains two original..
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Antique Long Guns
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Herraduras Double Barreled Shotgun, 1847 #6118
An elaborately decorated double barreled percussion cap side-by-side shotgun in outstanding condition. ?The piece is marked with..

Collectible Ammunition
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Ammunition, K98 1939 Dated #2381
The ammunition was produced in 1939 and has survived, along with its original box, in excellent condition. Great as an accompaniment with a..

German Lugers
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DWM 1906 American Eagle Luger #4000
Fine example of the 1906 American Eagle Luger in 30 caliber by DWM.  This gun is original, but it has a re-blued..
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Luger, Swiss Police 30 cal, 14272 #3415
Outstanding Swiss Police luger, featuring original blue that rates 99%.  One of the finest finishes I have seen, but..
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1906 American Eagle Luger, 30 Cal, 31159 #3416
1906 American Eagle luger produced for the US Market, identifiable by the flat toggle (the 1900 and 1902 models had an indented..
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Historic Firearms
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Heinrich Himmler Presentation Shotgun #4656
Presentation shotgun presented by Heinrich Himmler to "The Sharp Shooter."? This artifact surfaced in Northern California in the hands of..
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Herman Goering Surrender Gun #5136
This very famous gun was surrendered by Herman Göring to 1st Lt Jerome Shapiro when he arrested the Reichsmarshall on the road..
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Tuskegee Airman's Personal Colt Sidearm #6888
A rare (possibly one time) opportunity to add a legendary piece of history to your collection: a colt .45 in well-preserved condition..
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Historic Weapons
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Wild Bill Hickok Gun #6882
This is an extraordinary weapon, having been the actual Smith and Wesson that was being carried by the famous Wild Bill Hickok, the..

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Japanese Nambu Pistol, Unupgradable Condition #6514
This type 14 pistol is the nicest Japanese Nambu I have ever seen in my life. Gun is early, and is in 99% condition, with a tiny amount of..
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Nambu Type 14, Serial Number 45985 #5247
This type 14 Japanese pistol is in perfect working order, and is quite nice condition.  Date stamp is 19.6, meaning the gun was..
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Japanese Rifles
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Japanese Paratrooper Rifle #6650
This is a really nicely preserved Type II Arisaka Paratrooper Rifle, purchased from a Las Vegas estate earlier this year.? For a complete..

Machine Guns
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MP40 Fully Transferrable Tube Gun #5168
This MP40 is built on a post-1945 receiver (pre-1986, so fully transferable).  The tube is by S&S Arms, and appears to..
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Modern Long Guns
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Sturmgewehr-44 by ATI, .22 caliber Semi Auto #5149
Own a piece of World War II history with this fully functional rifle chambered in .22 Long Rifle.  This semiautomatic..
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Non Firing
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Thompson Machinegun #3165
This is a very scarce non-firing model of the Thompson Submachine Gun. Constructed entirely out of metal and wood, this great item makes..
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Pre 1898
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Colt Dragoon, First Model #6871
This rare Colt Dragoon, First Model, was made in 1849, based upon a serial number check at Colt.? This gun is typical of other..

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K98 Rifle, Czech Manufacture, Zbrojovka #4837
Used but not abused Czech K98 rifle with import markings by C.A.I. (Century Arms International, St. Albans, Vermont)...

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P38, BYF44, Serial Number 7673 #5248
This Mauser (manufactuer code BYF), which was produced in 1944, shows only light holster wear.   No pitting or rust, and fully..
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US Military
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Liberator Collector Set #4633
This is an outstanding liberator collector set consisting of a modern reproduction, fully-functional Liberator, complete with all..
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PP Walther, In Original Box, 179515 #3316
Nazi period Walther PP in the original box with matching serial number on the box tag.  This is not a post-war..
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PP with Matching Number Box, 178842p #3424
Nazi period Walther PP in the original box with matching serial number on the box tag.  This is not a post-war mismatch,..
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PP, SA Gau Franken, Box and SA Holster, 991291 #2871
During 1937-39 a limited number of Walther PP pistols were purchased by the SA and distributed to the SA Groups. ..
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Presentation PP with Himmler Dedication #6823
Extremely rare Walther PP with deep factory engraving and a presentation inscription on the left side of the frame from Heinrich Himmler to..
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Walther PPK, In Original Box, 865922 #6804
Nazi period Walther PPK in the original box with matching serial number on the box tag.  This is not a post-war mismatch, but is the..
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