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1. Ethical Practices
In addition to the only fully-transferable lifetime guarantee of authenticity on every artifact we sell, I adhere to the following principles and practices in the conduct of my business ...

I do not tolerate or condone any form of prejudice.? Because I am sensitive to the fact that many of the artifacts I sell can be used for purposes I consider wrong, I reserve the right to fully disassociate myself with persons or groups that I feel are using (or may use) the historic artifacts we sell in a way that glorifies violence, hatred or intolerance.

Conflict Antiquities
I sell only historic artifacts that are legitimate war booty, as sanctioned under relevant US Law.? While I accept that certain "relic" or "ground dug" condition artifacts are legitimately retrieved and sold to, by, and among collectors and dealers, I choose to abstain from this practice.? Simply put, I do not personally know where these artifacts have come from, and cannot guarantee that they are not illicitly or illegally obtained by unlicensed battlefield archeologists or diggers.
2. Lifetime Guarantee & Returns
Everything I sell is guaranteed to be 100% authentic and unaltered, and manufactured prior to May 1945 (the end of the war).? Each item over $200?receives?a written sales letter which carries with it my fully-transferable?lifetime guarantee - the only transferable guarantee in the business.? So, if you sell an item you buy from me, the new owner is covered.

I do my?homework, and we have a satisfaction success rate of over 99%.? However, I am not perfect.? Mistakes are usually obvious and straightforward.? In the rare case where a genuine dispute arises over the authenticity of a piece, I will generally defer to the opinion of an internationally recognized expert collector or dealer known and respected for his knowledge and experience, to arbitrate.? I feel this is the fairest way to settle matters.? Even in cases where a questioned item turns out to be 100% genuine, I may at my discretion make arrangements with you to receive an exchange or a refund, less a restocking fee.? All authenticity claims MUST be accompanied by my original written sales letter, complete with my signature and numbered hologram.?

Generally, you have 7 days from the time you receive an item to decide if you are happy with that item.? If you?need more time, please let me know.? If upon receipt of your order, you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, you may return it for a full refund less postage and any fees.? Please alert me upon receipt of an item if there are any concerns.? Please note that I am happy to accept returns on layaway items.? However, unless previous arrangements have been made, and excepting returns conditioned by authenticity issues, there is a 15% restocking fee on layaway returns.? For dealer-to-dealer transactions, since purchases made from me are for purposes of resale, unless otherwise stated, all sales are final.

A Letter of Authenticity will be shipped separately, and will arrive?after your item arrives.? Due to the large volume of items we sell, please allow?4 to?6 weeks for your?document to arrive (we print them in batches each month), along with any additional documentation that may come with your item (other expertises, research material, etc).? Each certificate?is printed on?my silver foil?letterhead, witnessed, and is?receives a tamper-evident numbered holographic seal.
3. Forums Policy
As the founder of one of the world's first online militaria forums (, I believe forums are an important medium in today's world of collecting. ?Subject to revocation if this policy is abused, I encourage the discussion of any artifact we sell, on any public forum.? Accordingly, please feel free to use photographs of our merchandise on any public forums for discussion purposes.? I only ask that you credit Craig Gottlieb Militaria as the copyright holder.? If you have any questions, please contact us.
4. Ordering
In order to process your order efficiently, accurately, and safely, please use the BUY NOW system built into my website. To place an order, simply click the BUY NOW button within each listing. You will be given a choice of payment method at that time, and be presented with all shipping and any transaction fees, before your order is finalized.
When you execute your order, you will receive an automatic email receipt. Print this receipt for your records. If you do not receive one, please contact us.
Please note: Because our system is designed to be both convenient and fair, it is not possible for us to "place an item on hold" for you - you may do so yourself by using the BUY NOW system.? Many people have missed out on a hot piece because they emailed me and said "I'll take it."? However, this customer-driven system ensures that the site is 100% up to date.
5. Layaways
I now offer layaways as an option.? Generally, I request an immediate 1/3 deposit, which you can pay via credit card (provide your credit card details in the comments section of the order form).? If you select Layaway, I will contact you after I receive your order to verify a custom payment schedule. Please note that layaway returns will be assessed a 15% restocking fee, regardless of whether or not the item has been delivered, once a payment is made toward the item.
I do take layaways with a down payment. If possible,?layaways need to be kept to 60 days, with 1/3 down now and equal payments in 30 and 60 days ... or sooner .... please place your order online and mention your specific layaway plans in the comments section of the order. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Lady Replica Shipping will be calculated and added to the invoice for your review before you finalize your order. Please note: layaways typically are paid with checks or money orders. PayPal or Credit Card payments incur an additional 4% on top of your payment.
6. Payment
Prices listed here reflect a 4% discount for immediate payment via check or money order - they are in essence, cash prices. Credit card payees - please note the 4% price adjustment that will appear on your invoice (it's added automatically in the form of a service charge). Mastercard and Visa are accepted, while we are not able to process AMEX or Discover.? I do not accept "currency" payments. If you wish to pay by wire, the transaction fee is $30 for EACH transfer. Transfer information will be emailed to you when you receive your automated email receipt, and the $30 fee will automatically appear on your invoice. Layaway and trade are considered on a case-by case basis, but full-payment offers receive priority. Generally, layaway deals shall not exceed 3 months, with 1/3 down.
7. Shipping
Most shipments are sent?via USPS (both domestic and international). I have found this to be the most reliable while cost-effective method of shipping. All orders are shipped with tracking information; most will require signature confirmation. Shipping is estimated, based upon the weight and dimensions of your item.? Actual postage may very slightly (up or down) depending on your delivery location, but we have found that using a cost-averaging system saves us time (and you money) in the long run. You will always be able to view shipping charges before you submit your order Only rarely will the shipping charge be different from your original order invoice (extreme cases such as multiple books or International FedEx requests)? Insurance is provided by Collectors Insurance Agency, our?Third Party insurance company, and is built into the cost of shipping.
For international shipments,?customs forms are marked with a low value, which is a requirement of my insurance company. Each?shipment is, however, fully insured by Collectors Insurance Agency against loss, damage and theft. Please note: If you live in Germany or France, or other foreign countries - KNOW YOUR COUNTRY"S IMPORT LAWS. While I cover swastikas and other potentially offensive symbols?for orders to France and Germany, I cannot be responsible for items seized by the authorities of your government. Additionally, on international orders all import fees and duties are the responsibility of the buyer.? For international shipments, we may choose, at our own expense, to separate material into?multiple packages for shipment: we find that doing so adds an extra level of protection to some shipments.
8. Selling Your Items
If you wish to sell me an individual item or an entire collection, please feel free to contact me with photos, descriptions, and prices you would like to achieve.? After I review the material, and after we've had a chance to speak via email or telephone (and we strike a deal) I will ask you to ship your item(s) to my office.? Once I receive the items, I will inspect them, and?pay you for them.? In most cases,?payment will have pprocessed no later than 72 hours after I receive your items.? If we do not strike a deal, you will have your items returning to you within 72 hours.?
Many people question this practice of shipping without first being paid, and they are correct to do so.? I recommend that you NEVER ship?items to a private party without first receiving cleared funds.? That said, please remember that I am NOT a private party - I run a business that operates under intense public scrutiny, and can be "found" if the need arises.? Due to recent?experiences with?unknown sellers disappearing without sending merchandise I have paid for, I?no longer mail payment in advance of receiving items.??So, If you wish to sell me your merchandise, please contact me.? I have worked hard to?develop a reputation for integrity and ethical conduct, am an accredited business with the BBB (click image below) and can be relied upon not to disappear with your material.? I receive packages everyday from collectors, veterans, and estates, and?I will treat you?with a level of professionalism unmatched in my field.? You will not be disappointed.

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