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This Don Boyle certified ring was purchased by a dealer in Hamburg from the family of Brumm, along with the SS Officer's original dog tag, some award documents, many photographs, a map showing the location of his burial, and other interesting artifacts.  The ring was sent as a replacement ring to his wife, to be forwarded to the officer, after his early ring had been turned in due to excessive wear.  He never got the ring because he died before she had a chance to send it to him.  One of only three ring that I have owned or seen with original factory protective lacqueur intact. Don Boyle certified.  This ring is an excellent case study, as it shows the jeweler's efforts to make up for the fact that the ring was poorly cast.  Notice that the Gahr jeweler carved a lot of dashes into the leaves in an effort to improve the details of the finished product.  The existence of this ring supports my theory that Totenkopf Rings were NOT die-struck as had previously been thought, but were cast using the lost-wax process, a skill well-known and used in Germany for jewelry making at the time.  With a die-struck item, you'd never see this type of "problem" - you'd also not see a jeweler's attempt to fix the problem in this way.

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Totenkopf Ring, Brumm#999

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