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Skull is affixed directly above the seam of the ring, which is as most of you know the point where the ring was sized before it was welded closed. Interior exhibits a textbook inscription, engraved nicely into the ring. Awarded to a "Moser" on 21.12.43. This is the winter solstice commemorative date, which is the dominant date for 1943 rings. Size is about a 9, which is a medium size, given rings that I have observed. Please note: there are too many "Mosers" to accurately identify the actual recipient at this time. However, the list is not excessive, so it is possible that the list can be narrowed to one recipient. Comes complete with a Don Boyle certificate of authenticity.  This is the 2nd time I have owned this ring, and it is being traded back to me by the original buyer.
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Totenkopf Ring, Moser#963

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