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This is a wonderful example of the highest quality Army Officer's visor cap and, judging by the condition, it was reserved by the original owner for dress use only if it was ever worn! The piece was made by Pekuro (Peter Kupper), one of the finest cap makers of the period. The cap is like new, and is made from a fine doeskin-like or eskimo smooth fieldgrey fabric. The cap band is dark bottle green super quality wool. The cap eagle is a perfect match to the cockade and wreath. The piping is bright red, with no fading or mothing. The visor has a light green/grey underside with proper crosshatching, and it matches very well the green silk interior of the cap. The sweatband is leather with the characteristic velvet surround and perforated design in the forehead area found on high end Pekuro visor caps. The celluloid sweat diamond is present and printed beneath it is 'Stirndruckfrei Deutsches Reichspatent' meaning that the cap has a patented system to not cause pressure on the forehead. This is a beauty that cannot be upgraded--choice and magnificent!

Artillery Officer Visor Cap#925

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