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The Sturm Cigarette Company of Dresden was owned by the SA, and the revenues helped to pay the SA operating expenses. Like most of the cigarette companies of the period, Sturm offered cigarette card albums to encourage sales, as each package of cigarettes came with a coupon that could be redeemed for packets of photos to be pasted in the album. This is the most desirable of their albums, or of any of the III. Reich albums for that matter. The album has colored illustrations of SA uniforms, insignia, flags and headgear for virtually every SA group in color, and the same for the SS and the Hitler Youth. It dates from the 1933 period and is complete with all of its cards, and is in excellent conditon. The material is invaluable for reference and research, as it is the only source of many of the details regarding insignia, accurate unit colors, and flags including command flags. The covere features an embossed silver SA eagle. The book is in overall exceptional condition. A must for any collector of Allgemeine SS, SA, or HJ! Choice and scarce!

Deutsche Uniformen SA SS HJ Cigarette Album#910

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