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The insignia for the Political Leaders of the NSDAP underwent several changes over the course of the III Reich. This is a nice third pattern armband for a Post or Location leader at the Reich level. The band is fine quality rich red wool with a border of 7mm golden woven oakleaves top and bottom, while the outer edges feature darker red piping indicating Reich Level rank. The multi piece swastika and white disc are hand bordered with golden cord. The RZM label is a 'J' level tag, which indicates a labor intensive piece. Lest the PL be in danger of wearing the band upside down, there is a stamped arrow and 'oben' (up) indicator inside the band. The piece is nearly unworn condition, with age, a bit of nap loss and a moth nip only. It's a value priced example of a high level (Reich!) dress armband.
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Gau Level Political Leader Armband#870

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