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This is a super 'Stammtisch' (reserved table) or similar use hanging pennant for the National Socialist Frauenshaft organization (N.S. Women's organization). It's made of multiple pieces of silk or rayon that are sewn together. The lettering and swastika are hand embroidered in three dimensional relief. The upper portion reads 'Nat. Soz. Frauenschaft' with a gold bordered red swastika in the center and 'G', 'L', and 'H' on the arms. These stood for 'Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung', meaning Faith, Love, and Hope. At the bottom is a gold bullion tassel with heavy barrel type metal fringe. The entire pennant is edged with gold cord which, at the top edge, attaches the piece to a brass metal hanging bar. There is minor age spotting to the white areas, and the brass crossbar is slightly damaged, which really doesn't affect the appearance. The reverse is black. A unique, skillfully hand made piece for an often overlooked but significant III. Reich organization!
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National Socialist Frauenschaft Table Flag#858

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