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Of all of the images of the III. Reich, none typifies Hitler's Germany as do the so-called 'Deutschland Erwache' Standards. There were relatively few of these produced and really only a handful are documented as having survived the Reich. This is a super example of the Standard that has survived in excellent condition. These flags were hand made by the best seamstresses in Germany. The workmanship is absolutely tremendous, and had to be, as these were considered to be holy items during the III. Reich. There were strict rules and regulations regarding not only their use, but also where they could be displayed, how they could be stored, that they were not to be rested against a wall, and so on. Interestingly, every awarded Standard was personally touched by Hitler to the 'Blood Flag' of November 1923, so here you have a piece that he looked at and held. The body of the standard was made from red silk, specially woven with a tight texture for superior water resistance. The lettering is done with white thread, superbly embroidered in a 'fish scale' pattern, each letter surrounded by black thread bordering. The obverse reads 'Deutschland Erwache' (Germany Awake), the slogan authored by Dietrich Eckhard. The reverse reads 'Nat. Soz. Deutsche Arbeiterpartei Sturmabteilung ' (Storm Troops of the NSDAP), reflecting the fact that these were originally awarded to SA Standarten. The swastika is placed on a large ribbed silk white circle on the front and reverse, and is bordered with black thread. The circle is edged with rich silver bullion tresse. The swastika is also bordered with silver tresse. The standard is bordered with hand twisted black/white/red wool fringe. There is a sleeve at the top edge for the standard cross pole to pass through. The reverse of the sleeve has a rectangular red leather panel sewn to the center to prevent damage to the silk from rubbing against the upright pole. This is one of the better examples of the Standards. Most of the existing examples have been improperly stored and exhibit damage to the silk, moth damage to the fringe, and other damage and soiling. This piece has a small bit of separation to one end of the top sleeve, and a tiny separation to the white field on the obverse above the swastika. There is a minor amount of soiling, which may be pre-45 vintage, as these were not cleaned during the period. The silk is very solid, the fringe is intact, and overall the flag is in extremely fine condition. This is one of the most desirable of all III. Reich collectibles, and there are usually none for sale on the market. This is a rare opportunity to add the benchmark icon to your collection! A super, super piece!

Deutschland Erwache Standard#844

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