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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

Ludwig Quirin was born in 1889, and achieved the rank of Haupsturfuhrer. A member of Himmler's personal staff. Ludwig's brother achieved infamy as part of an 8 man team that came ashore off the coast of Long Island and Florida. Landing in a U-boat, the sabateur team was betrayed from within, when one of the members turned himself into the FBI. Tried by a secret military tribunal, six, including Quirin, were executed by Electric chair. To the dismay of the government, their army-appointed defense lawyer fought the case all the way to the Supreme Court. Known as Ex Parte Quirin, the Supreme Court ruling is the precedent used by the Bush administration for establishing military tribunals to try Al Qaeda members. Ring is in mint condition, retaining all of the Gahr factory burnishing to the recesses.  Don Boyle certified.
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Totenkopf Ring, Quirin#843

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