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The Berlin-Suhl-Waffenfabrik (BSW) manufactured, among other items, the K98 rifle which was the standard issue for the Wehrmacht. A large factory would have had its own dedicated fire fighting department, and this is a scarce fire department bayonet from the BSW factory. The piece is marked with the BSW logo on the pommel and the frog, as well as '100' which would have been the sidearm issue number. The piece was made by a rare maker, E. Scharff-Kober and Company of Frankfurt am Main, and displays a civilian type maker's cartouche. Their logo features a unique pelican design. The bright blade is in superb condition. The scabbard retains 90-95% of its original factory black glossy enamel. The bayonet comes complete with its original black leather and silver wire frog. Overall the piece shows light wear and use, but it's still in about 8 out of 10 condition. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a Fire Department bayonet by a rare maker with a direct military weaponry connection!
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Fire Bayonet from BSW Firearm Factory#826

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