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Originally painted by artist Henry Raleigh (1880-1945) the poster features a soldier stopping a "hun" from injuring a woman and child, trembling beneath him.  Published by the firm Edwards & Deutsch, in Chicago. Of interest in the supplemental photos in this listing, is a picture of a poster-hanger (circa 1917) gluing this poster to a wall in Chicago.  This picture provides superb historical reference, but also reveals why these posters are extremely rare.  Once glued to the wall, they were ruined.  If you think about the world in 1917, when color art was not accessible to the "common" man you will understand why there existed poster collectors who would often follow the poster hangers to remove the fresh posters from the walls to decorate their homes.  The image provided in this listing is representative of the poster you will buy (due to the glassed frame, it is almost impossible for me to get a good shot of the acutal item).  However, please note that the poster is NOT compromised by the mounting, since it is not glued in place.  There are some fold lines from where the poster was stored after the war ended, and also some minor fraying on the edges. Overall, a superbly conditioned piece of history.
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Halt The Hun World War One Poster#81

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