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The Röhm SS Honor Dagger is surely one of the rarest production daggers produced during the III. Reich. The SS was a relatively small organization under the SA at the time these were awarded, and a limited number of its members qualified for the pieces. Additionally, after the so-called 'Night of the Long Knives' in June/July 1934, the inscriptions were ordered to be removed from the blades due to the arrest and execution of SA Stabschef Ernst Röhm. Luckily, some of the daggers escaped being themselves 'purged' and this is a fine example. It's a beautiful quality dagger by Eickhorn with the textbook early small Eickhorn logo near the crossguard. The blade to crossguard and dagger to scabbard fit is absolutely perfect! The blade shows minor age, a few "squigglies" and light handling scratches, but overall the crossgraining is present and the etch on both sides is very deep and crisp. The grip is nearly flawless. The nickel dagger and scabbard fittings match perfectly in tone and color. Happily, the scabbard body has retained 100% of its original factory anodizing. The scabbard ball shows very slight impacting on the bottom as is often the case, but nothing tragic. It could easily and inexpensively be restored if desired. The crossguard is marked with the Roman Numeral "I". Not a mint, frosty example, but this is still an excellent plus plus example with everything that you want to see on an SS Röhm. Super!
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SS Dagger, Röhm Inscription#731

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