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This historically important document granted Hitler honorary citizenship to the city of Braunschweig, a vitally important city throughout German History. During the Nazi period, the city was an early seat of Nazi power, becoming only the second state in Germany where the Nazis participated in government. It was the host city of a famous SA rally that took place, later occasioning the Braunschweig badge. Subsequent to Hitler's assuming power in Germany in 1933, several important entities were located there, including the HJ Academy for Youth Leadership, and the SS Junkerschule. It was also the staging city, during the war, for the 31st Infantry Division which took part in the invasion of Poland, Belgium and France. The document is housed in a felt covered tube complete with a large wax seal of the city. The document itself measures approximately 14 inches wide, and is hand-calligraphied and features signatures of notable citizens of the city.

Hitler Citizenship Document, Braunschweig#6947

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