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By Heinrich Muller - edited by Gregory Douglas.  From 1948 through 1952, Muller lived in the Washington, DC area and worked closely with the top leadership of the CIA and the Truman administration.  Muller kept regular journals during this period, putting down the secret activities of the fledgling CIA and his own observations about the inner workings of the White House and its top aides. The former Gestapo chief never thought that his private comments would be made public and he wrote about life in official Washington in plain, unvarnished words. The historical and political realities of the beginnings of the Cold War, the McCarthy probes and Muller's part in them, the Korean War, anti-Semitism in official circles, the assassination attempt on Truman, CIA plans to overthrow foreign governments, high-level theft of government funds, Muller's connection with Kim Philby and other Soviet agents are all found in the journals.
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MULLER JOURNALS Vol.1: The Washington Years 1948-1950#694

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