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This matching set of near mint Gold Party Badges was consigned to us at Show of Shows this year, and is a fine example of early Deschler & Sohn manufactured specimens.? Gold finish to both is near perfect, with slightly more wear to the small 25mm example.? Enamel to both shows only minor surface scratches, but all enamel is present with no chips (the photos show some sticky substance on the enamel, from "stickers" placed on them by the owner to block the Swastikas from view).? Note that the small example has been repaired, most certainly during the period (the smaller examples in a set are always slightly more worn since they were used more for wear during the period).? The number on these is 17356, which according to Jamie Cross's website, are attributable to Friedrich Hildmann, who was a party member in Gau Hessen. Great opportunity for further research!
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Gold Party Badge Set, Matching, Attributed#6930

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