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A 98% mint condition NSKK Rohm Dagger.  Exterior grades full mint, with 99% lacquer present on black adodized scabbard.  This is in essence an SS Scabbard just like the one you would find on an SS Rohm or Himmler dagger.  The scabbard alone is a $3000 piece, as it would be a perfect "upgrade" to a Mint Himmler or Rohm needing a scabbard (please don't do this).  Scabbard ball is perfect, screws perfect.  Dagger handle is perfect: no chips, nicks, and perfect alignment of all parts, with perfectly inset eagle and SA Grip rune.  Exterior nickel silver parts are 100% matching with respect to age and patina.  Pommel nut is undamaged.  Blade shows a deep, crisp motto on the obverse, and a matching reverse Rohm inscription and smooth-tail squirrel Eickhorn logo.  Depth, alignment, and clarity of both etching is a perfect match.  Factory cross-graining is 100% present.  The only detail preventing this dagger from a fully 100% mint rating is some corrosion near the base of the blade, adjacent to the lower scabbard fitting.
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NSKK Full Rohm Dagger, Gem Condition#6923

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