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This Waffen SS Haupsturmfuhrer tunic is according to Dave Delich, an army pattern tunic constructed and used exclusively by the SS, having never born an Army eagle.  Bullion SS Insignia are all 100% original, and hand-sewn to the uniform.  The jacket is manufactured of a heavy fine quality smooth wool, which according to Delich, attests to the probability of the officer's service being performed in cool regions.  Insignia bears minor wear commensurate with the age of the tunic.  Upper left pocket bears two pairs of loops for medal decorations, probably an Iron Cross 1st class and another unknown award.  This is a medical service tunic, as denoted by the dark blue underlay beneath the bullion on the shoulder boards.  Affixed to the right board is an officer 1935 style Aguillette.  The button is missing beneath the board.  According to Delich, the tunic is "completely original to the WWII period with original manufacure SS insignia applied.  An outstanding example of an SS tunic of the WWII era."
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SS Officer Uniform, Dave Delich Certified#6922

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