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Price: $3,995.00
Shipping  $500.00 Per Order
This incredibly large marble bust of Joseph Stalin weighs over 160 pounds, and was hand-carved in 1947.  Signed and dated on the reverse.  The artistic quality of this piece of Soviet history cannot be understated.  Undamaged statues of Stalin are rare, as most were removed from government buildings and destroyed after the "Destalinization" of the USSR beginning February 25, 1956, when Nikita Khrushchev shocked the world by denouncing Stalin's dictatorial rule and cult of personality.  please note:  shipping for this is not even really an estimate.  This piece weighs 160+ lbs and shipping for serious buyers will have to be calculated based on destination. The size of Stalin is roughly 27 inches tall x 21 inches shoulder to shoulder x 10 inches thick.
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Bust of Stalin#6887

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