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This 1940s style Totenkopf ring shows some wear to the exterior, mostly to the rear of the ring. The ring is dated 9.11.41, (November 9th) which commemorates both the November Putsch and Kristallnacht. According to my book on Totenkopf Rings, the 9.11. commemorative date is the third-rarest date observed, with a population of rings observed to date at approximately 16 (Page 62 of my book The SS Totenkopf Ring). This new ring brings that number to 17. Interior of the ring shows correct engraving style and a moderately visible join seam behind the skull. A quality example that is fairly priced.  if you've been hunting for a reasonably priced TK ring, don't miss this opportunity!
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Totenkopf Ring, Reiser#6869

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