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A magnificent Flieger Bluse and matching long trousers custom tailored for Luftwaffe Major Heinrich Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein.  Sayn-Wittgenstein served as a combat observer/navigator in Heinkel He111s during the French Campaign and the Battle of Britain.  After 150 combat flights, he had won the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class, the Honor Goblet, and the Bomber Flight Bar in Gold.  He subsequently transferred into the Night Fighter arm and won the German Cross in Gold, the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross, and the Oakleaves to the Knights Cross.  He was shot down on 21. January 1944.  He was posthumously awarded the Oakleaves with Swords to the Knights Cross and, at the time of his death, was the highest scoring Night Fighter pilot.
The uniform is constructed of a high quality Luftwaffe blue grey tricot wool, which has a finer and softer hand than usually encountered. The metal bullion hand embroidered collar tabs are machine sewn as are the matching shoulder boards, both with flight branch yellow Waffenfarbe wool.  The hand embroidered bullion breast eagle is an unusual pattern and is original to the tunic as well.  The exterior hip pocket on the wearer's left side is stitched closed, most likely ordered by the Prinz to retain the svelte lines of the tunic when worn with a dagger or sword.  There are loops for his German Cross in Gold, Iron Cross I. Class, and Pilot's Badge, as well as loops for a medal bar and Night Fighter Flight Spange. The interior of the tunic is lined with silk and includes a deluxe interior belt and dagger/sword hanger.  Sewn into the interior pocket is a custom printed name tag reading "Major Heinrich Prinz zu Saynp-Wittgenstein".  The tunic shows wear and use but because of the quality of the fabrics used, has survived in excellent condition.  As may be seen in the images, there is a small break in the thread attaching the sleeve lining on one sleeve.  The matching trousers are double pleated and have the wide trouser bottoms that were in vogue with Luftwaffe flight personnel during the period. The trousers are unmarked but match the tunic perfectly.  There are several tiny moth nips to the trousers as shown in the images but they're insignificant. 
An outstanding named set to one of the Luftwaffe's elite.
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Luftwaffe Uniform, Major Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, Night Fighter#6861

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