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THESE ARE VERY RARE - WWII - Military MP Tear Gas Baton. Marked "Federal Laboratories Inc. Pittsburgh, PA U.S.A." Totally legal and all original. No Serial Number. Not converted into a pistol like so many were. Good leather wrapping left, with signs of wear and a fewer bruises. Approx 9-1/2" long and weighs approx 2 pounds. 1925 patent dates. Naval Gun Bronze construction with aged rich patina. Fully functional. Screws apart for loading. Armed by pulling cocking button at the back. Fired by pushing protected trigger button on the side. (protection cover slides forward to expose trigger button to fire, slides back to cover it) These were used during WWII by MP's and in military prisons, and in prisoner of war camps here in the U.S. After WWII they were used by major prisons like Attica, Levenworth, Sing-Sing, Folsom, and the like. Still in use today in some small town jails. Excellent mechanical condition. You will be hard-pressed to find another in this nice condition.
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Tear Gas Baton#6857

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