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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

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This is an outstanding example of a well-preserved 1800s vintage Hunting Hirschfanger.? Blade is approximately 24 inches in length, with an overall length of approximately 30 inches.? Exterior fittings are constructed of highly ornamented brass fittings throughout.? The hilt is amazing, featuring a combination of exquisitely designed details in high-relief: a gentleman hunter makes up most of the d-guard, with a variety of hunting dogs, stags, clam-shells, etc.? The cross-guard clamshell itself shows a stag being pursued by two hunting dogs.? Scabbard retains the ORIGINAL leather which has survived over 150 years, fully intact, showing only minor age.? The base of the blade near the crossguard is deeply engraved on both sides with Latin phrases.? I am in the process of deciphering the translation.? Given that this blade was produced in the 1850s era (plus or minus), the blade was period sharpened for USE by the wearer (these swords were not just ornamental).

Hunting Hirschfanger, Short Sword Length#6852

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