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A top-shelf example of a highly coveted badge, personally bestowed by Hermann Goering, at his discretion, to members of the Luftwaffe, friends, colleagues ... whomever he wanted to impress.? The only stipulation was that the recipient be a pilot of some sort.?Persons like Heydrich (flew combat missions with the Luftwaffe) received them.? Goering wore one of course.? Two types exist, both manufactured by the Viennese jeweler Rudolf Stubiger.? The presented type was constructed of gold, platinum, and real diamonds.? The dress copy, of which this example is one,?was manufactured by the same firm and was constructed of silver with synthetic stones.? The condition of this specimen is near flawless; best example of the few I have seen.? No stones missing, no finish missing.? Just about perfect.? This example originally came from Wolfe and Hardin, and before that was the property of an advanced collector, whose contact information can be provided to the new owner by mutual consent.

Pilot Observer Badge with Diamonds, Imit Version#6844

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