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This is the textbook 2nd pattern Luftwaffe dagger manufactured exclusively by Robert Klaas.  What makes it exclusive and different from other models is that Klaas used black grip material, which they painted white before shipping.  They did the same thing on some of their Army daggers.  Enterprising collectors and dealers in the past, stripped the paint, and marketed the Luftwaffe pattern as the "Funeral Luftwaffe" to suggest that pilots wore these special daggers to funerals.  Ugh, what nonsense (the army daggers became "1st model Railway" daggers).  In any case, they are still rare, and still command a much higher price than their standard counterparts. 

This example is fresh out of the woodwork, and features a deeply silvered exterior, and a near flawless grip.  The only detraction is a small gob of glue on the reverse (I think it's glue) in the recesses of one of the grip striations.  But no cracks or chips anywhere.  Blade is extremely fine, with no rust, and a slightly impacted tip (very minor).  This dagger is priced at least 20% lower than a full-retail price, and should satisfy that hole in your collection!
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Luftwaffe Dagger, 2nd Pattern, So-Called Funeral Model#6832

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