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This very historic and rare trumpet and banner consists of a large silver trumpet with an engraving on the horn portion that reads 2 SS A Sdt (a) Otto Knoll Ludwigshaven.  Otto Knoll was a dealer in musical instruments in Ludwigshafen, who engraved instruments that he purchased from manufacturers.  Note: there is a very similar trumpet on The Collector's Guild website, bearing this same retailer's name. 

The banner itself is heavy velvet identical to that found on other trumpet banners.  Fringe is also identical to other known original banners.  The flag exhibits a very thick bullion weave SS rune on one side.  Next to the rune is the shadow where a "1" was picked off, indicating that the piece belonged at one time to the Deutschland SS Regiment, before the "1" designation was removed from collar tabs, flags, and other unit insignia per regulations.  Both sides are a very tight bullion weave, with portions of the underlay showing through.  Teeth on the skull are a white cotton material.

Due to the unusual pattern of this skull, I have had several discussions with advanced collectors and some of my competitors, and physically showed this piece to the same, at this year's Show of Shows (2015)  The universal consensus is that the piece is 100% original (it's always good to check with these types of things).  It was also noted that the skull is reminiscent of skulls seen during the Freikorps period, and the very early years of the SS.  Check out the pictures I have posted in this listing, to see what I mean.  Dave Delich called it the "dough boy" skull.

The entire ensemble is available at a fraction of the price of other genuine SS trumpet banners, due to the price we paid for this.  A bargain with history buried inside.  In the words of Helmut Weitze, "you will find this very flag in a period Deutschland photo album at some point, with good research!
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SS Trumpet Banner#6831

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