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This rare SA specimen is about as personalized as you can get. Exterior fittings are solid nickel. Top cross-guard reads Unserm lb Sturmführer. The lower cross guard reads Franz Koerfer flanked by a double diamond motif. Reverse of the lower cross guard bears what is no doubt Koerfer's SA membership number. Blade is etched with a presentation that reads Treue um Treue beneath which is the unit Sturm R 3/16 and below, in parentheses, früher Sturm R. 12/16. In essence, given to him by his men, who were members of a unit that changed its name. This piece is rich with history and research potential. Condition of dagger is outstanding on the exterior. Grip is flawless, and scabbard has 100% anodizing. There is one scratch on the side, and some lacquer remaining on the reverse. The lower cross guard is SA Group marked "NRH" for Niederrhein. Blade shows some polishing, and minor corrosion in a couple of points. Dagger was manufactured by Ernst Kemper. Dagger comes with early nickel hanger with supple leather strap.
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SA Dagger with Custom Blade Inscription, Named#6827

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