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CGL GRADE 2. White summer silk uniform (and pants, not pictured) belonging to Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering.  This uniform was originally sourced from a Canadian museum called The Toronto Military Institute, and found it's way to me.  The uniform consists of a fine white silk, features original-to-the-tunic shoulder boards and collar insignia, plus a heavily gold colored screw-back breast eagle, which is constructed of .800 silver.  The interior of both garments feature the Steckbarth tag (this was a tailor that Goring used frequently).  The material that this uniform is constructed with, is identical to a similar tunic that formerly resided in the Wolfe Hardin collection, and is unique to Goring.  More photos and a better description will be added shortly.  Please note: the uniform was heavily stained when it was obtained by me, and I have had the cloth professionally conserved.  The results are outstanding, as you can see.
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Hermann Goring Uniform and Pants#6809

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