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In the field of military antique collecting, a lexicon of terms used to describe artifacts for sale is conspicuously absent. While pictures offer the distinct advantage of letting the buyer make his own decisions about condition and authenticity, too much is left to chance. Descriptions like "polished blade grades excellent" means little as do assurances like "originality guaranteed." Acknowledging that no system is perfect, I am putting together a collection of useful terms and grading standards.  It's called the "Craig Gottlieb Lexicon (CGL for short).  Below you will find an ever-expanding lexicon that will be updated regularly.  I encourage you to use each Lexicon, and to contact me with any suggestions for improving the system: this is an open-source work-in-progress.

CGL Dagger Grading Guide
While initially designed for "Political" daggers from the Third Reich period, the guide can be used for most if not all daggers and other edged weapons.  Please provide suggested updates and changes.

CGL Originiality Standards
The following guide can be used to assist artifact sellers in representing the authenticity of military collectibles.  The standards contain five "grades" and is designed to provide clear standards by which sellers may advertise the authenticity of artifacts.

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CGL Dealer Handbook#6808

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