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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

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More than twenty years of research provide comprehensive information for the holders of this prestigious decoration to include the combat narrative that actually resulted in the award. Also included are all other awards, promotions, and known service history. Aside from full information on each individual, detailed data is provided for the various elements they were assigned to within the Division and other postings held in the course of their often diverse careers. Heavily illustrated with rare photos and documents, many were provided by the recipients themselves who fully supported the research. The actual award recommendation documents are seen and the approval process fully examined, adding tho an invaluable study for the historian. The illustrations also provide a wealth of information for collectors of uniforms, insignia, medals, documents, and autographs. An appendix includes the most detailed Order of Battle listing of commands compiled to date, as well as new data on the Division's Roll of Honor Clasp and Close Combat Clasp in Gold holders. Foreward by "Das Reich" Knight's Cross and German Cross in Gold winner Siegfried Brosow.

German Cross in Gold: Volume I#674

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