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As any Marine will know, the Marines Hymn begins "From the Halls of Montezuma."  The reference is to a Spanish fortress on Chapultepec Hill, located near present-day Mexico City.  During the Mexican-American War, it was the location of a famous American victory over Mexican forces, fought in September 1847.  The fortress was key ground that guarded the entrance to Mexico City, which was defended by Santa Ana.  The battle is rich with history.  Many lower ranking officers would cut their teeth in combat for the first time, and rise to become Generals in the Civil War: Ulysess Grant, George Pickett, James Longstreet, Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson, and Robert E. Lee.   The raising of the flag at the Chapultepec fortress came at a huge cost to both sides, many men lost in bloody hand-to-hand combat.  Marines are said to have lost almost all of the NCOs and Officers in the battle for the fortress.   The raising of the American flag over the fortress was a symbolic and stoic event.  Not only is Santa Anna recorded as watching the event, but the Americans timed the flag-raising with the execution of 30 deserters who had switched sides to fight with the Mexicans.

This is a section of the flag poll that stood atop the fortress.  The piece  originally belonged to General Robert Emmett Patterson, who fought during the battle.  General Patterson was the first president of The Aztec Club, and served as the president until his death in 1880.  The artifact is consigned by his Great, Great, Great Grandson, and has been in the family since the battle took place.  The pole is capped on both ends with brass disks.  The center bears a brass plaque.

A rare chance to own a piece of history that helped shape the Marine Corps, the boundaries of the United States, and the leadership corps of the US Army (North and South) that would spearhead the US Civil War.  This history serves as preamble to this exciting piece of military history ... certainly one of several to have been taken from Chapultepec Castle, but the only one known to have surfaced.   The length of this piece is 20 inches, and the entire assembly weighs in at 11 lbs.  Please note: the caps on the ends are loose, so please be careful unpacking when you receive this item.
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Montezuma Flag Pole Section#6660

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