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For those of you who don't recognize the name Robert Morgan, the plane Memphis Belle will surely jog your memory.  Morgan was the commander of the plane, and this grouping, including his engraved silver pilot wings, came from the Morgans to a friend of the family, and then given to the consignor.  The plane is perhaps the most famous bomber of WWII, along with the Enola Gay.  Theis plane was the first heavy bomber in the Eighth Air Force to complete 25 combat missions in the European Theatre; and was the first to return to the United States as part of a publicity campaign to sell war bonds. In those missions, all of which were daylight raids, the Memphis Belle flew 148 hours, dropped over 60 tons of bombs, and had every major part of the plane replaced at least once. Morgan and his crew were the subjects of a 1944 film documentary, Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress

The group comes complete with a letter from Morgan to the consignor, documenting the contents of the group.  The letter specifically calls out the jewel of the group, as "Engraved Sterling Pilot Wings."  Other pieces in the group include two books entitled "Basic Wings" which was a publication put together by the cadets of Georgia Aero Tech (one of them has Morgan's name stamped on the front cover).  Also included are a pair of Morgan's dog tags, some of his insignia ("US" insignia, and 1 pair of 1st LT wings).  Also included is a section from one of the Memphis Belle's tires.  Finally, one of Morgan's ribbon bars!   There are a few additional bits in the group that augment the centerpieces nicely.  Overall, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy an amazing piece of history.
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Memphis Belle Grouping#6654

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