Craig Gottlieb Militaria

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This is a really nicely preserved Type II Arisaka Paratrooper Rifle, purchased from a Las Vegas estate earlier this year.? For a complete and detailed summary of this weapon, click here.? This weapon is serial numbered in the 17000s, which puts this about 3/4 of the way through the production run of about 22,000.? As is often the case, the front half and back half of the gun are mis-matched, but function flawlessly and fit together perfectly.? Finish is outstanding, with over 90% of original finish remaining, and no rust or damage.? Wood shows normal scratches, but is intact with no damage.? Mum is mostly ground, with the right side still present.? The gun came in a green box that the veteran constructed.? Also included is a very interesting bayonet, of a type I have not seen before.? It's shorter and more crudely made than the standard rifle bayonet used by the Japanese.? Perhaps a paratrooper bayonet?? If this is the case, it's quite rare.? Overall, a neat set that you will be very pleased to own.

Japanese Paratrooper Rifle#6650

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