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CGL GRADE 2.  This uniform is one of the more historic ensembles we have had the pleasure of offering. It is a piped walking-out tunic with matching trousers worn by General Field Marshall Ritter von Leeb. The tunic is tailored of high quality field grey wool trikot with the tall, stand and fall collar covered in smooth bottle green wool. The collar, front edge, and cuffs are piped with bright red wool for Generals' rank. The tunic is a Gesellschaftsrock der Officiere, which was later called the 'Officer's Old Style Dress Tunic'. There are 2 pleated breast pockets and 2 slash hip pockets, 2 belt support buttons at the rear waist area. A choice, hand embroidered gilt bullion breast eagle is blanket-stitched above the right pocket. The superb quality hand embroidered gilt General Rank collar tabs are in the early, pre-war pattern and are of gilt bullion. They're a perfect matching set and are machine sewn to the collar. The sewn-in shoulder boards are magnificent and are made of braided gilt metal wire and silver soutache. They're of the early, pre-1935-6 pattern with the red wool underlay following the curves of the upper cording. Both boards have the rare, 800 silver marked crossed Generalfeldmarschall batons in place. The batons are of outstanding quality die struck of genuine silver with the finest detailing. Batons have been shown to several of the leading experts, who agree that they are 100% original. They've nestled down into the boards over time, and have that been-there-forever look. There is also a gilt metal number '7' on each board. This signifies the honoring of von Leeb upon his first retirement with bestowal of the uniform of his traditional regiment: Artillery Regiment Nr. 7. Ritter von Leeb was the only General officer/Fieldmarshall who was authorized to wear these shoulder boards. All of the gold bullion embroidery show matching toning. There are loops for a long ribbon or medal bar above the left pocket, as well as for the included 1914 Iron Cross I. Class and the 1939 Spange to the cross. There are also loops for the WWI Iron Half-Moon on the right pocket. The tunic lining is made of ribbed fabric and features 2 glove pockets at the tails and an inner breast pocket. The lining shows use and age with some small damage as can be seen in the images. The trousers are tailor made of grey wool trikot with red wool stripes and piping along the outer seams. They're set up for suspenders as well as having belt loops and side adjustment straps. 2 side pockets and a single rear pocket. The trousers show wear and age but no damage. Both tunic and trousers show that they were worn quite a bit but because of their quality, they've survived in fine condition.

Wilhelm Josef Franz Ritter von Leeb had a military career spanning from 1896 until 1942. His promotion to Generalfeldmarschall was made on 19. July 1940, and on 24. June 1940 he was awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. Adolf Hitler did not care for von Leeb because of the latter's anti-National Socialist attitudes and opinions, and possibly because of his involvement in putting down the 9. November 1923 Munich Putsch as a Reichswehr commander. He was retired by Hitler in 1938 as Generaloberst but then recalled to duty in July 1938, when he commanded the 12. Armee in the Sudetenland 'Flower War'. Subsequently, von Leeb was retired again, but again recalled into active service in the summer of 1939, when he was given command of Heeresgruppe C. Under von Leeb's command, his troops broke through the Maginot Line. He was promoted to Generalfeldmarschall and awarded the Knights Cross for this campaign. Following the invasion of Russia in 1941, his troops advanced 900 kilometers into the USSR and encircled Leningrad. Ultimately, because of Hitler's micromanagement, he asked to be relieved from command in January 1942, which Hitler granted.
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General Field Marshall Ritter Von Leeb Uniform#6645

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