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This type 14 pistol is the nicest Japanese Nambu I have ever seen in my life. Gun is early, and is in 99% condition, with a tiny amount of wear only on the sharp edge of the frame above the handle. If there was such a thing as a "high polish" Nambu, this would qualify! Date stamp is 18.1, which indicates that this pistol was manufactured in 1943. Magazine is marked "385" which means it's the original matching number magazine to this particular pistol - quite scarce to find. Pancake holster is in such great shape, it looks like it was hermetically sealed since production. Comes with the cleaning rod, and a spare (unmarked) magazine. This set is unupgradable. Please note: domestic shipping only, to an FFL dealer, or to you if you have a C&R License.
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Japanese Nambu Pistol, Unupgradable Condition#6514

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