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This is an ORIGINAL winter camouflage helmet, which has been inspected physically for authenticity by Kelly Hicks.  This is important, as what could amount to a quick splash of paint on a regular army helmet, can yield a handsome profit for the unethical collector or dealer.  I picked up this helmet personally, out of a Laguna Beach family's residence, and it has not been in a collection.  It's an M42, with no decal, placing this squarely on the Eastern Front during the long painful retreat of the Wehrmacht from Russia.  Rear of the lid is EF62 marked, with a batch number below it that appears to read 19980.  Liner has been preserved at some point with a lanolin or other leather preservative, which has kept the liner nicely intact with almost no rot.  There is no chinstrap, and the tie that holds the liner tongues together appears to be a piece of shoelace, and not an original (we have an original tie if one is desired, which we will be happy to provide to the buyer of this helmet at no extra charge).
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Army Winter Camouflage Helmet#6508

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