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The Blood Order (Blutorden) was one of the most prestigious decorations of the NSDAP.  Instituted by Hitler in 1934, the first issue of the decoration was awarded to 1500 participants in the famous Putsch of 1923 in Munich.  Hitler wore his blood order rarely, in keeping with his habit of adorning his uniform with as few medals as possible.  However, he did wear this medal on several occasions, specifically with the brown shirt that was included in the group liberated by Philip Ben Lieber.  The medal was found in his Munich apartment in 1945, in a small presentation box, along with an Iron Cross, wound badge, and an SS Membership Pin.  The medal is hand-engraved "1" and is referred to in the provenance, in a letter written to Ben Lieber by Ben Swearington, dated 27 August 1960.  Click here to view the provenance of the entire group (Please note: this is a 50-page PDF document with high-resolution scans.  Accordingly, it may take a couple of minutes to load, depending on your connection speed.)

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Hitler's Blood Order#6481

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