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A scarce and desirable Waffen SS M42 combat helmet with 90+% of its single SS runic decal intact.? The helmet retains the majority of its original rough finish as well, just showing normal age and wear from use with some dark surface rust at the worn areas.? The helmet is an EF M42 and features a rare ET pattern runic shield.? EF used ET decals on only about 20% of their M42 production, so it's not a combination commonly encountered. The helmet retains its original liner which shows wear and use with chafing to the fold-over but no tears. Tie cord and chin strap are also still present.? The liner shows darkening due to being oiled at some point in its history. The chin strap was dry and shows some cracking and also shows darkening from past oiling. Outstanding example of a mid-to-late-war SS helmet.? This helmet was reviewed and authenticated by Kelly Hicks.

Waffen SS M42 SD Helmet, Kelly Hicks Verified#6472

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