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Craig Gottlieb Militaria

This outstanding peacoat was the former property of an Oberfeldwebel who was a career Obermachinist.  Loosely translated, this is a senior NCO who served a function onboard ship, working with the engine or engineering (I'm sure an advanced Navy collector can provide additional information, and if you're that person, please do so, as I'm working from memory here).  This is an officer quality jacket, with an ORIGINAL TO THE TUNIC Iron Cross ribbon.  I stress this, because so many have been added by collectors and deaelrs. This one looks like it grew in place, it's been there so long!  Uniform has an original set of loops for a destroyer badge, and a wound badge or some other badge like a DRL badge.  Bullion eagle is outstanding, and sholderboards are of a matching quality.  Perfectly sewn in place.  Overall, a great artifact for the price!
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Kriegsmarine NCO Pea Coat#6465

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