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Superb quality Buntmetall Luftwaffe Radio Operator/Aerial Gunner's badge by premier maker Juncker of Berlin.   This is a type 2 badge with thin wreath, both of Buntmetall manufacture. The badge retains most of its original factory finish with only light wear from use. Maker marking is the correct style, as is pin, hinge, and catch.  The blue leatherette case is an early quality example with "Luftwaffen Flieger-Sch├╝tzen Abzeichen" in gold on the lid, dark blue velvet base and dark blue artificial silk covered padded lid lining. The artificial silk strip that covers the hinge area is not split but has pulled out at the lid area as can be seen in the image.  The case shows splits to the dark blue outer fabric on the lower left bottom corner and the upper right lid corner.  Very fine example!     
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Luftwaffe Radio Operator/Aerial Gunner Cased Badge#6460

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