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Railway eagles were used, in various sizes, on the German Railway locomotives, diesels, passenger cars, other types of railway cars, as well as on buildings (it's thought). The larger eagles are, by far, the hardest to find. This is a rare example of the largest type used during the III. Reich. The wingspan is an imposing 35 inches, so it dwarfs the smaller, 24 and 27 inch examples. The detail to the eagle is amazing:from the alert eye to the sharp talons and wreathed swastika, the sculpt is more a work of art than a train insignia! This eagle was made by J & Z, and is correctly marked on the reverse with "RZA 9 BLN", and "G Al Mg Si". This eagle was used, and shows signs of weather exposure, as well as the work of the original GI who removed it. The lugs are not threaded but have a perpendicular hole through them, so they would have passed through the wall of the engine or car and been pinned in place through the hole. The bottom lug is broken off, as is a tiny portion of the eagle's left 2nd wingtip feather, showing how the GI tried to pry it off the wall until he realized how it was attached. This is a super example of a very hard to find eagle and makes an extremely impressive display! Because of the tiny damage, it's available at a bargain price!

Railway Eagle, Large Size#641

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