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Julius Streicher's main claim to 'fame' during the III Reich was his paper, Der Stürmer (the stormer). Rather than being a newspaper per se, it was a collection of anti Jewish articles and cartoons of the crudest type intended to influence the German populace to mistrust, hate, and to spur the population to action against the Jews. Streicher himself was excecuted after the Nürnberg trials primarily because of the opinions voiced in Der Stürmer. Most issues of the paper were destroyed immediately after the war so they are difficult to find today. This is a collection of 8 of the most anti-semitic editions of the paper. They are filled with cartoons, photographs, and articles of the most tasteless kind. The papers are complete and in excellent condition, showing age and yellowing only. They are important and unique pieces of the history of the III. Reich.
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Der Stürmer Series on Jews#638

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